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Desider Services

Data Sciences as a Service

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Desider Labs provides data science as a service capability to its clients. We work with all forms of data including:

●  Numerical

●  Image

●  Video

●  Textual

Desider has an innovative approach toward working with large amounts and different types of data from diverse sources to accelerate patterns detection and definition, to create domain specific insights for operational and communication decisions. Our solutions are conceptualized to work across commercial, social and political spheres. We employ a range of visualizations tailored to match the context and strategy of our clients.

Desider Labs – AR/VR Services


At Desider Interactive Studios, we use a balance set of technologies to create incredible solutions that ensure you stand out from the crowd. Our team focuses on customized content for the top VR platforms as well as state-of-the-art game development.

With extensive experience, our clients get high value technical solutions specifically catered to their business, through our secure, reliable and flexible platform allowing adaptability in reaching objectives.

Best in class technology provides a comprehensive and speed to market solution.


Research Image

The most effective communication programmes are supported by detailed research that reveals key information about individuals and the things they care about.

• Opinion Polling

• Community Research Structure

• Competitor Research

• Household Canvassing

• Behavioural Polling

Augmented Design

Augmented Design Image

Unique to us, enables extensive testing of features and information use cases to ensure we get it right the first time. Rapid prototyping and simulations enable us to develop bespoke methods of delivering value.

The World today produces data and information at an ever increasing pace. Failing to take fuller advantage of this voluminous data and information can result in creation of sub optimal designs, which could damage the integrity and credibility of solutions.

We call it HIVE© (Hyper Iterative Value Experimentation.

Assisted Execution

Assisted Execution Image

In the rapidly modernizing digital age, it is increasingly evident that the most mundane and basic tasks that are still being performed by humans, are no longer tenable. They have a negative impact on human motivation and innovation, while unnecessarily tying up significant resources.

Desider’s Assisted Execution intends to handover such tasks to Digital Workforce, which over time has the capability to become smarter and perform better.

Assisted Decisioning

Assisted Decisioning Image

Explaining and predicting human behavior is an extremely tricky proposition, not only because of the complexity of elements influencing behavior, but also because each human being is different in forming perceptions and responses.

With the use of our cutting edge technologies and algorithms like ML/DL, NLP, VaV; you can get to know and engage your market and consumers better.

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